Packed and (Almost) Ready

I made my packing list and checked it twice. Yet somehow, no amount of organizing and reorganizing of my small suitcase will reassure me I have everything. I am notorious for forgetting something, it's a family joke at this point, though thankfully the item usually left behind is necessary, but not crucial. At the airport I take one final inventory of the items in my backpack and suitcase, I have to admit I think I'm ready. 

What lies immediately ahead is twenty-two hours of travel: an eleven hour flight, a six hour flight, a one hour flight and several long security and immigration lines. Boston to Doha to Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The one thing in my favor in this otherwise unappealing flight itinerary is that I am a certified plane sleeper. I can fall asleep on any plane, flying to any destination. In fact, as a consultant I would often be asleep in my window seat before the flight attendant completed the safety instructions. This fact makes the eleven hour flight seem more bareable, just a really long nap with some interspersed airplane meals. I hope sleeping through the flights will help me adjust to the eleven hour time change, but in truth no amount of napping will turn my day into night and night into day without consequences. 

Okay. Passports (Swiss and American)? Check. Wallet? Check. All iThings and chargers? Check. Excitement and enthusiasm for the adventure? Check and check.